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125cc Motorcycles

Sports: Our racing style sports motorbikes are the ultimate in cool, as you are able to ride in a sporty position without feeling cramped. The fairings have been developed for excellent aerodynamics and optimum protection from the elements. All bikes benefit from a fully featured instrument panel, easy to read speedometer and superb overall build quality.

Commuters: If you are new to motorcycling or are simply looking for a fun and economical way to get around town, then buying one of our commuter style motorcycles makes a great deal of sense. Their modern 4 stroke engines can assist in providing a fantastic fuel economy of up to 100mpg in some cases, and better still this is in addition to the fact that you benefit from cheaper insurance and maintenance compared to bigger engined bikes. If you needed one more reason before making your purchase, road tax is just £16 per year.

Cruisers: With their American inspired styling, 125cc custom cruisers have plenty of chrome, high bars and a laid back riding position. Purchase them not only for their perfect ability at commuting and everyday use, but also for their cool looks and overall image. With your new machine you can make a statement and start turning heads in comfort, even over long distances. From the moment you see the retro style looks, you won't want to get off.

Plus, with a FREE security lock on all 125cc sports motorbikes, there's never been a better time to buy!

Huoniao HN125-8
Huoniao HN125-8
£795.00 + DELIVERY
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