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Here at LearnerLegal.com, your money goes further. We supply our machines direct to the public without the need of high street outlets and all the associated costs, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. Just click and view all our models, sit back, relax, and make a purchase within a few minutes. And to make things even better, our delivery charges start from only £85.

Why buy from us?

LearnerLegal.com supplies brand new scooters motorcycles at the best UK prices. We are one of the largest suppliers of new scooters and motorcycles in the UK and deliver nationwide. All scooters and motorcycles supplied by us are official UK models.

We've been in the business of selling motorcycles and scooters since 1995, so that's a pretty good pedigree. We have grown slowly and focussed on one new brand at a time in order to properly build expertise.

Which machine is best suited to me?

We have all the models from the latest city style to retro cool in stock. The 50cc sports scooters are a perfect match for the 16+ riders or urban commuters. The Skyjet 125cc sports bikes are perfect to get the big bike feel. The 125cc scooters and 125cc commuters are perfect for longer distance with speeds of up to 70mph on the motorbike range. All have the benefit of a factory supplied luggage rack as standard. Buy with peace of mind - everything we supply has 12 months warranty.

Why ride?

Due to the increasing stress and expense of commuting into the city, many people are discovering the advantages of riding scooters. Scooters are often a more reliable and more pleasurable means of commuting than cars, trains and buses.

People working out of office hours when the availability of public transport is very restricted especially benefit from travelling by motorcycle or scooter. Examples include medical professionals and people in the restaurant or hotel industry. Just some of the advantages include:

  1. No need to worry about the constant threat of tube, bus and train strikes
  2. Motorcycles and scooters are a stylish and low-cost from of transport
  3. It is a lot more fun than standing on a crowded train, bus or even stationary in traffic!
  4. All the model range run on unleaded green petrol and will return around 100mpg
  5. Greener transport which is less damaging to the environment and urban air quality
  6. In busy towns you can cut your commute time by 50%
  7. Stress free parking and road tax only £17 per year
  8. A typical scooter uses between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car on the same journey

Corporate & Social Responsibility policy

LearnerLegal.com will continue to be sustainable in its operations whilst helping with broader benefits for its customers, suppliers, employees, owners, local community and the environment (mainly against climate change). The best way to do so is by enabling the correct social and environmental polices to exist and be put in practice within the company and where possible, in partnership with our suppliers and clients.

The LearnerLegal.com mandate, which originated from the Director’s commitment, is to facilitate that the company has the following policies implemented and kept up-to-date:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental
  • Health and safety
  • Business ethics
  • Equal opportunities
  • Supply diversification
  • Sustainability

Buy from LearnerLegal.com in a few clicks and we can be at your home 48 hours later with a new machine!

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