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December 2014

Last Christmas order date 22 December 2014

December 2013

Last Christmas order date 20 December 2013

These dates are meant as guidelines and are not guaranteed unless stated. Please be aware that external factors beyond our control (such as strikes, adverse weather conditions affecting parts of our fulfilment network) may delay your order. Please note that our last order dates are based on normal conditions so in exceptional conditions it might happen that your order arrives after Christmas despite you ordering before the date provided.

September 2013

The new 63 plate is launched

January 2013

We are please to annouce the arrival of our new 125cc  sports scooter this model has been in developent for the last six months it turns heads.

August 2011

Due to the London 2012 Olympics, your delivery may be delayed if you live near the events.

March 2012

The new reg plate plate proved to be very busy for our 50cc scooters sales

February 2012

Our range of 125cc scooters has been expanded with four new models, all of which are in stock and ready for delivery.

Our Huoniao HN125-8 is ranked by the MCIA as the UK best selling custom bike.

January 2012

The brand new LearnerLegal.com new and improved website is revealed, including the latest 2012 bike model features, specifications and photos.

Our improved website provides both new and existing customers with the best possible buying experience, making things as quick and easy as possible. Plus, we've not only improved the style, but also the overall features too!

December 2011

Brand new 2012 models begin to arrive at the warehouse ready for the new year.

November 2011

Due to ongoing success and growth, LearnerLegal.com announces special offers in time for Christmas along with plans for a brand new website in 2012.

September 2011

The brand new 61 registration plates are now being issed by the DVLA.

August 2011

Due to civil unrest in London and Manchester, some of our deliveries have unfortunately been delayed. We have made sure all of our customers have been kept up to date on the progress of their order.

June 2011

The burning of fuel is the 'burning' issue at present. Demand for fuel efficient commuter machines in the UK is pushing our sales up to record highs.

March 2011

Spring is just showing itself after a very long cold winter, meaning better days for riding are now with us. Orders are coming thick and fast, so be sure to order now to avoid the April price increase.

February 2011

Figures released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) show that sales of motorcycles and mopeds in the first month of the year have shown notable improvements compared to this time last year. Total registrations of all powered two-wheelers have increased by 25.5% compared to January 2010. A breakdown of the statistics shows that motorcycle sales have grown by 29.2% and mopeds by 10.6%.

Recession Update 2009/2010

The UK economy has entered into recession and no one can be sure when an upturn will come or how deep the recession will be. Concerns over the economic crisis are now top of the consumer’s agenda, trumping all other reasons to worry.

This has had a positive impact on our two wheel sales. Record petrol prices, rising household bills, high cost of living and widespread gloom could well make people think very carefully about their transport needs. Time wasted in congestion, expensive and uncomfortable public transport, high parking and congestion charges and the massive costs of car ownership make a scooter or motorcycle increasingly attractive.

The 2 pence rise in fuel duty in September, coupled with the reintroduction of the fuel duty escalator from next spring will make scooters / motorcycles even more attractive as an economic alternative by four wheels or public transport.

Research has shown up to 4.8 million 13 per cent UK drivers would be happy to switch to a scooter or motorcycle cite the cost benefits as the main reason for ditching their cars, with almost a third 31% attracted by excellent fuel efficiency. A further 27 per cent believe it would be easier to get around. Twice as many men said they would switch to two wheels joining the 24% increase in the number of scooter/motorcycle riders on the roads this summer.

A motorcycle/scooter are a real and viable alternative that can cut journey times, is easier to park, low cost to run and helps cut CO2 emissions. There's probably never been a stronger reason to switch to two wheels. While car manufacturers are feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis; a total of 139,715 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters were registered in 2008. The figures show the seeming stability of the UK bike market compared to the UK car market, which plunged 28% last year.

LearnerLegal.com has seen a continued increase in sales over the past two years. Sales have gone up about 17 percent every year. Last year, we supplied around 2,000 units.

Customers have either lost their jobs or they're looking for ways to save money. What most customers seem to like about motorcycles is the fact that they can get nearly 100 mpg and road tax is only £16 a year. They don't often have to pay for parking, maintenance is cheap. All the staff at LearnerLegal.com owns a scooter...

They get up to 100 miles per gallon. It's just a pleasure to ride on a sunny day or cut through the traffic jams. We actually have customers who have given up their cars to join us!

As a special offer to our new and existing customers, we have decided to give away a free high security lock to help out with those experiencing a difficult time during this recession.

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